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Julius J. Janusz - is licensed by the United States Department of Treasury as an Enrolled Agent. Julius, a 1989 graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a BS in Business Administration, began his career in taxation in 1986 - while still in college. After obtaining necessary credentials, he went on to become one of the very few tax professionals to offer electronic filing. His ERO number of 1504 makes him 1504th person in the United States to obtain IRS e-filing license. Julius J. Janusz, as an Enrolled Agent (EA), is licensed by The United States Department of the Treasury to represent clients before the IRS - at all aspects of IRS' audits, collections and appeals process. With over 28 years of experience and over 2,000 clients, Julius' track record speaks for itself. In 2009, Julius has been elected to the post of President of the Connecticut Society of Enrolled Agents (which he has held until stepping down in July of 2013) - an organization of over 200 members in the State of Connecticut - a subsidiary of National Association of Enrolled Agents - an association of tax professionals licensed by the United States Department of Treasury. Julius, his wife of 21 years, Bozena, and 19 year old daughter Nicole - an aspiring international business lawyer, reside in New Britain (Julius, has lived in New Britain for 34 years - and contrary to popular belief, does not have a "on-the-hill" mansion in Farmington or other "affluent" town) Integrity, trustworthiness, common sense and utmost care of his clients are his traits. He belives in fairness and truthfulness. Julius NEVER promises his clients something that can not be LEGALLY and LAWFULLY accomplished - fighting for his clients' rights to the very end. He is the ONLY POLISH speaking tax professional in the State of Connecticut (with many years of experience) licensed by the United States Department of Treasury. Julius is also a member in good standing of various professional organizations (National Association of Enrolled Agents, National Association of Tax Professionals, National Society of Accountants - to name just a few). He is a Consulting Member of Tax Freedom Institute (a professional tax defense organization, headquartered in Minnesota) that's led by Daniel Pilla - a top 10 foremost tax defense experts in the United States. Among selected group of tax professionals, he is also a Fellow of National Tax Practice Institute. Julius frequently travels to Washington, DC to meet with various IRS officials and other policy makers in the United States Congress.